When we are talking about content or copy there are some general factors why your copy might not generate as much traffic as others, here’s why-

There are countless numbers of content we consume on the internet daily, to make your content stand out you need to make it interesting and catchy so it attracts your audience instantly to take action.

You need to clear the concept of your product or organisation to drive the intended audience.

Even great content can fail due to grammatical errors, so make sure to proofread before publishing.

Nobody wants to read an unnecessarily lengthy article, so keep the word count in mind and cut out unnecessary parts.

You want to sound confident and engaging while presenting yourself to others, so always use active language as if you are talking to a person in front of you and explaining something to them.

Lastly, remember, you might want to write a good copy or good content but you shouldn’t be a copycat. Taking inspiration is play but don’t directly copy other’s work.

And you will need other factors like a good page layout and relevant pictures and quotes to add on.
Now you are good to go.

Bulbul – A new era of horror movie?

Warning: spoilers ahead!

So a few days ago Netflix India released a horror genre movie named Bulbul. From the trailer, the movie was very predictable but there was also an hype created among the audience after watching the trailer. After a few minutes of the movie I knew exactly where this was going and still I was willing to continue watching! I watched till the end and I DO NOT REGRET MY DECISION! I totally loved it.

The premises are set in 19th century, presidency Bengal. The story revolves around a Girl who gets married in a Royal family and her story of living the nightmare that people only listen in folkloers. The age Gap between the bride and the groom made a platonic relationship grow between them and romantic relationships outside their marriage for both of them. In contrast to the the Bari Bahu Bulbul (Tripti Dimri) carefree,respected, who gets all the love of her husband and family, there is Choti Bahu Binodini(Paoli Dam); Older but inferior, jealous, trying to set Bulbul’s life on fire intentionally while she says how she wants the best for her. And the men of the family, the respected head of the patriarchy Indra(Rahul Bose) who tries to Cage Bulbul, the disabled man Mahendra (Rahul Bose) who has his eyes on the girl, and lastly the one Bulbul loved, Satya(Avinash Tiwari);who at the end tried to cage her as well when he got jealous of the friendly Doctor Sudip Sen(Parambrata Chatterjee) – these three men cause the girl ultimate damage,which in the end burns her out.

Physical assaulted and mentally caged Bulbul finds herself on the edge, she’s totally damaged and her innocence comes to an end. Silently with a Sinister Smile she seeks for Revenge. Thus Taking the form of Devi ma or the Chudail to end the evil.

The controversial part for some is how a mentally underdeveloped man can rape a person, well we have seen that in other Hindi movies too, treating the girl as a doll ..this pattern was too familiar for me to know what’s going to happen next. And from the beginning we could see Mahendra had an eye on Bulbul, from the first scene of the marriage to the scene of the family gathered in a garden. And physically and from blood lineage he was still the member of the family where the males has the right over the lives of the women and the women are bound to cover up their dirty secrets in return of jewelry and respect.


• The acting – The cast was brilliant! Specially the ladies, Tripti Dimri as Bulbul and Paoli Dam as Binodini. Rahul Bose was Brilliant too!

• The plot – I loved the Plot! It’s not a regular horror story, it’s a story of destroying the evil! Women Empowerment but not only limited to that, it is a story of fighting back, a story of the victory of good against the evil.

• The symbolism – There are some important symbols like the toe ring which symbolizes to be a spell to tie the women to not have romantic relationship outside marriage, and Bulbul’s ring coming loose, indicating her love for Satya. Or in the first scene we see her climbing the tree which connects with the chudail or woman Devil who lives in the trees.Or her leg which gets damaged by the evil and the main reason which makes her look like the evil demon for the villagers Or the outfit she wears while hunting the evil is Similar to Dakini (In mythology women who are killed by their husbands on night of their wedding and they destroy the evil with Kali ma after becoming Devils) are a thing to look forward to.

• The Visuals – The whole movie has red filters to show the Blood thirst of the Chudail or in contrast the Anger and Rage of Devi ma.


As I’ve already mentioned the movie is too predictable.


I personally don’t think horror is what explains the movie or the horror you should expect Should be related to ghosts or such. The true horror of the movie for me was the gore scenes or the brutal torture scenes while were unbearable to watch. The pain the main character felt and her rage is the true aspect of terror here, the exact same terror that the Asura had for Devi ma.

And in the movie the name character Bulbul was a Devil to the people who did evil themselves, for them she was a threat and she was a Goddess to the good,the Pure. So it is up to how you view her role. Overall the experience of Watching Bulbul was Splendid.

Living the Covid 19 pandemic :Uncertainty and Clueless future

It was 31st December 2019, I was making a planner or to-do list for the upcoming year. Not even in my wildest dreams I had the clue about what awaits me.

As 2020 started with a great enthusiasm I daydreamt about how this year will be life changing for me.

I started creating artworks seriously, with great passion. Many obstacles were to come but I knew it’d be a fun adventure learning new things, as I knew nobody is born with it ; practice and patience is what makes you master of any domain! I was equally energetic and determined about my academic career; to secure my best marks . But after two months, the picture started changing slowly.

At first, I slowly became aware that some kind of flu broke out and we needed to wear masks. Then my exams got postponed and after a few weeks they got cancelled. I couldn’t get a grasp on the reality. What was going on? I’d never faced such a situation before. “Is it something similar to the Black death? Am I living an historical event? ” I asked myself in wonder. It was weird but at the same time exiting for me. Then before realizing I was locked at home. Not only me, the whole world was now in self quarantine. At first it was easy, I was making art daily and cooking new recipes. I never knew before junk food like pizza, burger were so easy to cook at home, and of course delicious enough to sort your carvings. But after a few weeks, it was unbearable, I hadn’t seen my friends for so long, I could see all my dreams coming to an end, I could see myself trapped in this never ending lockdown cycle. None of my dreams found out a way to come true, my dreams now questioned me, are they ever going to become reality? Will time ever move? Will this situation ever end?

I, till date, can’t see a way out. I can’t meet new people, or can’t go out for movies or lunch. Academic session began online but there’s no surety of the end. Here we need to thank our technology, thanks to smart gadgets we made our way out of loneliness. Otherwise paranoia would’ve drowned me.

But living with this uncertainty, not knowing if exams are even gonna take place, can we ever get out freely? Will things ever go back to normal , makes me feel like I’m chasing a mirage! When I think I’m almost there, it’ll come to an end soon, it just extends. Feels like I’m never gonna make it. My motivation is totally destroyed, and every move feels like throwing stones into the darkness.

-Adrija Dasgupta. Date: June16,2020